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For a long time I've been collecting dried/dead/interesting things I happen upon like flattened frogs, dead moths, cicada shells. All of these things are products of some type of transformation--accident (being flattened by a vehicle), time (a natural death), growth (metamorphosis). I am currently working on a series of small, 6 x 6 inch encaustic paintings on 2 inch deep cradled panels using these found objects. The idea is to create little icons out of the remains of things which were once vital living parts of nature. These remains represent to me a potential to connect with life/the universe/spirituality on a simple, very accessible but potentially powerful level. By paying attention to little details in life and observing these seemingly insignificant things it's possible to see patterns that continue to repeat on larger and larger levels. Creating these icons is a way of pointing out the existence of these patterns and a tendency to look elsewhere for such evidence of interconnectdeness.