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Typically, the objects I make lie somewhere between painting and sculpture. I often combine painted surfaces with three dimensional space and/or carefully chosen objects. The way I work tends to be spontaneous and involves responding to the materials with which I'm working. My painting process is both additive and subtractive. I build up layer upon layer and scrape through to reveal bits of what is hidden beneath. I often embed objects into the paint which then become completely or partially obscured over time. The works frequently take weeks or months to complete and go through quite a few major transformations.

In these works, the composition and content center around cuts, punctures and raised marks which have been made by tearing through and building up the surface--sometimes embedding objects into the paint or driving them into the support. In the works that have been punctured, I've placed another material--fabric, twine, plexiglass--behind the tear. Many of the pieces which have marks that have been built up into "scars", have such things as sand, pins or screen embedded in the raised paint. Notches and scars both signify the passing of time, ageing, damage, a record of occurrence. The layers and all that they contain allude to the accumulation of stuff both physical and emotional that happens over time.